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CSGO Steel praktiseerib liblikas nuga Balisongi treeneris

22,68 €

CSGO Steel praktiseerib liblikas nuga Balisongi treeneris

Tellimuse täitmine aega võtta 3-4 nädalat.

Full length: 24cm

Blade length: 9.5cm

Blade thickness: 0.27cm

Handle length: 13cm

Blade material: 5Cr13

Net weight: 206 grams

Surface treatment: electroplating

  Box gauge; 39.5*34*45.5

Packing: 120/carton

The knife is made of high quality stainless steel. It is not edged.

All colors are available from stock and can be placed.

Don't worry about the knife turning the knife will hurt your hand, because it is not edged, so how to play is safe.